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Black Hair Styles

I am a boy, and im 13 years outdated.
i actually want to know whether it is a good idea to dye my hair black.

my mom says it might look funny coz of my eye brows.
however i have brownish/blondish eye brows.

I really wanna do it, like emo hair type, but i stated to my mom you would infrequently see my eye brows anyway..

But should i dye my hair or wouldn’t it look silly
you must completely do it! i think that will lok sizzling!

dude, dont do it. I was blonde and thought it would look cool to, so I dyes it black and it looked actually bad, manner totally different than i believed it could. pleasee learn from my errors so someg ood can come out of it!! Or try it and see for your self. it will look silly.

i say ya however ur 13 stop eager about ur hair and do ur homework
If you really Have to do it, simply dye the ends of your hair black. Then it will not look like you fell headfirst right into a vat of shoe polish. it will look cooler with two toned hair anyway.

I should agree with your mother. Going black when your hair is blonde is an enormous NO NO. Even a hairstylist would not do it for you (a reputable one, that’s). If you are going for a look that can give children something to poke enjoyable at, knock yourself out.

yes! completely if you want to! Simply dye your eyebrows.
Just get the tips tinted perhaps with a “wash out” hair color(usually washes out in 20 hair washings). Please ensure that you’ve an expert do this. Perhaps strive getting a darker color then possibly fading it to black. I don’t nonetheless assume black hair would look good in the event you hair is kinda blondish(imho). Good luck.

Hey I have been dying my hair for years. I have naturally very darkish brown hair but have bleached it mild blond and my eyebrows are darkish. Hey nothing ventured nothing gained. If you don’t prefer it just shave it off it should grow back, simply do not try and bleach it out. Strive some other colours if you are young however solely with mums permission.

Individuals are usually advised (by the hair experts) that coloring hair is best if you happen to just go a shade or two totally different from your individual hair color.

If you’re blond, your mother is correct. You’ll in all probability appear like a blond, fair-skinned, individual with “shoe-polish head”. (You’re a young boy too – you do not want to look foolish..).

You might not have any ladies you are inquisitive about right now (or you may), but just a notice about girls: If you wish to be attractive to them the very best strategy to do that is to profit from what you’re naturally (get a very good hair-minimize, put on clothes which are your style, keep your complexion clear, etc.).

(My nephew tried going from a lovely, golden, brown, color to what was primarily “yellow” (not the blond he wished). He looked like he had dipped is head in a can of yellow Sherwin Williams!!)

Its your hair do what you wanna do.Its your choice.
You can spotlight to lighter blonde

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My good friend, just do it. I have loved dying my hair whatever color I like, and I used to be concerned that it might look funny because of my eye brows (my hair colour is black) however I did it anyway. I still do it typically, and never so way back I dyed my hair red.

Dying hair is all about getting hair color you don’t have, so it might look a bit unusual at first, however everybody will get use to it quickly.

Simply do it and get pleasure from your new hair colour. If you do not like it, then you possibly can dye it again, or wait in your hair to develop, or you can just shave it off, since you are a boy.

done it acquired the t-shirt !!!!!!!!!!!
Blonde and went black

your selection dude and solely yours go for it if !!!you wish to reside yer life !!!!!!!!
and all types of silly colours !!!do need you need !!!

you will study out of your mistakes I am 35 I am going bald !!! ha ha ha ha
don’t do’ll look funny with ur skin tone. who says all emo children have black hair anyway..its cooler to be completely different, be urself.embrace your hair! please don’t appear like one of those clone children who all look the same with their black hair and depressed expressions..please! i do not get it

i wouldnt sudgest dyig your hair black. I sudgest possibly dying it a darker brown. But if your useless set on it, you may always dy your eyebrows to make it look better

You won’t look humorous because of your eyebrows. I’m a pure blonde with “brownish/blondish” eyebrows and after i dyed my hair black it seemed fine with my eyebrows. Distinction is okay. It Is possible to dye your eyebrows (been there, achieved that) but this should only be accomplished by an expert as you can very well blind yourself in the event you unintentionally get the dye in your eyes. The main factor you have to consider is that the dye is Everlasting. As soon as you put it on it is there for good. This implies every 4 weeks or so it’s important to contact-up your roots to keep from trying completely ridiculous with black hair and blonde roots. Once you get sick of doing this (and also you eventually will) the one approach to do away with the coloration is to chop the dyed hair off or bleach it out, which could be very damaging to your hair. Not solely that but if you happen to do determine to try and bleach out the black dye your hair will only lighten to a pleasant pumpkin orange shade. Regaining your pure color will likely be subsequent to impossible until it just grows out by itself.

So all you aspiring emo and goth youngsters beware, black hair dye is a dedication, not something to do on a whim, so suppose it over carefully, and for gods’sake don’t drip it on something in Mom’s bathroom as a result of it STAINS all the pieces it touches..together with your pores and skin. So you’ll want to rub pomade or petroleum jelly in your skin alongside your hairline earlier than you dye your hair..unless you wish to walk around with a sign over your head that says “Look! I dyed my hair BLACK last night!” 😛

people who love brilliant hair colours would love your hair and angle, but black assume about these:

I know someone who tried this and went Green. unintentionally. If you don’t know what base colours make up your dye, you can have wild and unexpected outcomes.

your whole options say ‘blond’ regardless of how darkish you suppose your eyebrows are.
when you start dying your hair, your hair begins dying. literally. Chemicals kill it,

Dark hair fades african hair salon vancouver bc to ginger eventually – black and purple are probably the most unstable hair colours you will get
wait a few years and stick with colored mousse til then, and yes, it comes in black, however washes out after a number of shampoos and its kinder!

You may be black one week and vibrant crimson one other week.. Mousse appears like a better resolution to me
attempt dying ur hair pink or something.appears more kinky

dyed black hair on boys just looks stupid
It won’t look any sillier than anyone else and much of people with blonde hair dye it black.

Our postman, who is goth dyes his black and when he shaved his head (accident lol) it appeared strange to see him with one other colour for some time.

Go for it.
im 14, emo kid.I’ve dark brown hair and dyed it black so it wasn’t that much of a change.its never been the identical since, it stayed black for a couple of month and began changing color, changed to pink/orange in the the way in which, you may wanna straighten your hair aswell.that looks cool. however the light now it goes purple.god knows what chemicals are in my hair. Roots are so cool.I want to bleach mine in a number of weeks from brown/black and get brown roots.lush! Simply go for it

go for it for those who dont like clean you’ll be able to at all times change it back to blonde
Dye it!! If it appears really dangerous, simply dab a bit dye onto your eyebrows too. =D

Hi, If you happen to think it’s going to suit you, go for it!
It seems like a giant but nice change. Do not listen to anyone telling you it will look foolish. You will not know till you attempt it. Even when it doesen’t go well with you, you can dye it again to your pure hair color.

Properly i hope it does go well with you and Good Luck!
yeah do it, in case your eye borws appears to be like silly then simply die them too.

you could possibly at all times use your mums eye liner to color you eyebrows!!
do what your ma says

I obtained crimson hair and i dyed mine black a couple of years in the past, be ready to must dye it not less than as soon as a fortnight and once you decide you need to have it all out you’ll have to shave your head, because the roots present through really badly lol 😛 Have black low lights as a substitute would look funkier and you have not obtained the issue with your roots and brows!

Attempt a wash in wash out and see if your mum is true or not

You may at all times get your eye brows colored. I t prices next to nothing and you would be surprised what number of males do it.