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How To fix A Burn Hole In A Polyester Dress

The durability and texture of polyester makes it a preferred fabric choice for gown manufacturers and sewing fanatics. However, this plastic polymer materials will melt if exposed to an open flame. Candle flames, lit cigarettes or perhaps a random spark can quickly leave a hole in a polyester dress. Detecting these marks is being human clothing new collection straightforward, as polyester burns leave lumpy black rings. Hiding a big burn gap may be tough, but with some work, you’ll be able to repair a small burn hole easily.

Step 1
Reduce away the charred area with a small scissors, like a manicure scissors. Attempt to cut evenly, clipping away solely the blackened space.

Step 2
Smooth away the charred crumbs you minimize away along with your hand. Examine the outlet. If the opening is small — around the size of a dime — you possibly can sew it without adding fabric.

Step 3
Flip the garment inside out and keep the burn gap in front of you. Choose a thread color that matches the costume coloration, and thread the needle. Sew the outlet closed with a sequence stitch and end the restore with a sturdy knot. Do not tie the knot too tightly; you can trigger the fabric to pucker.

Step four
Restore a larger hole by adding a chunk of fabric to the costume. The fabric should match the gown shade and texture as carefully as possible. Flip the costume inside out, and sew the new fabric over the burn hole using a whip stitch. Flip the gown inside out, checking the restore for loose stitches before sporting it.

Things You may Need

Small scissors




Fabric tape


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You may also use iron-on fabric tape to secure a fabric patch. If you use fabric tape, ensure the iron is set to the polyester fabric setting.