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How you can Make Tie Dye Designs

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Crafts verify the instructions in your tie dye coloration equipment to see how a lot. As soon as you have blended each (use a distinct spoon for every to keep the shade protected), pour the ready dye right into a squeeze bottle, with one bottle per coloration. This means easy application and easy cleanup.

Step 3

Combine 1 cup of sodium carbonate with 1 gallon of water. Soak your tied tees in this mix for 15 minutes, then pull out the wet garments.

Step four

Squeeze the bottles to spray on the dye. Let your wild flag fly. Stop dyeing when you are out of fabric. Place your gear in plastic luggage and tie, to maintain the dye wet. Go away your tie dye for as much as 24 hours; within the meantime, you may clear up.

Step 5

Rinse additional dye off, with the ties nonetheless on, under cool water. Then take away the ties and wash your garment through a full wash cycle to set the dye.

Using Rubber Bands for Tie Dye Patterns
Tie Dye Colour Ideas
Know your colour combo rules to ensure a pleasing closing product. The first colours: purple, blue and yellow. Blue plus yellow will get you green, the brightness of the hue relying on how a lot yellow you might have. Blue and pink lead to purple, and crimson controls brightness. Yellow and purple get to orange. Try to design workout shirts not make brown, by combining red and inexperienced, design workout shirts purple and yellow or orange and blue.

Tie dye over shirts with graphic or text – you’re so not limited by plain. Additionally, try halters, dresses, wraps and canvas bags for additional tie dye fun.

Tie Dye Spiral Tutorial
Spiral your tee. Lay it flat, then push a stick, pencil or different flat object in the middle and twist. The fabric ought to start to roll up, following the stick. Keep twisting till you’ve got bought the entire tee spiraled out, then wrap a number of rubber bands round the surface to carry it in the spiral pattern.

The way to Make Tie Dye Dots
Get spotty. Take your shirt and lay it flat. Gather a spot in your hand — the bigger the spot, the larger the dot — and part it off with a rubber band to create a nub of tied tee. Make more dots all around the shirt. When you go to dye, squeeze one or more dyes over the shirt to get a good colour, then dye the nubs a separate coloration. They will seem as dots later on.

Go bulls-eye by utilizing your nub method. Create a small nub in the middle. Then make a much bigger ring that features the middle nub, and an even bigger one, and a bigger one, until you’re all out of room. When you’re the tie dye target, all eyes are on you in a room.

Getting Tie Dye Stripes on My Shirt
Fold your shirt in vertical pleats to get horizontal stripes, and horizontal pleats for vertical stripes. Try folding it on an angle for tilted stripes, then use your imagination at the dye time for fun coloration combos.

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