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Tie Dye Tutorial: 6 Tie Dye Shirts To Make With Children This Summer season

A few weeks in the past, I tie-dyed t-shirts with my son as an afternoon time-killer. We had lots of fun doing it as a result of it was easy (no critically — it actually was) and the shirts came out great! These were not the disney shirts ebay mediocre, pale Rit dye sort of shirts I made in highschool and college. These came out with shiny, saturated colours and there weren’t any huge swaths of un-dyed fabric. I believed I’d share what I learned about tie-dying with you all.

Step 1: Collect your supplies

First off, you’ll need to assemble your provides. You should purchase individual dyes, rubber bands, and gloves or you should buy a package and have all that work carried out for you. I’m lazy, so I opted for the equipment. I bought this one at JoAnn’s with a 40% off coupon, so it was about $6. You may also buy them online at Amazon in a number of shade combinations. I’m going to indicate you ways to use this kit on this tutorial, so when you go for a special set of supplies, follow the instructions for these dyes.

This package stated that it dyed “up to 8 shirts” but I solely had sufficient dye for six shirts — one adult sized and 5 child sized. I had to essentially stretch to get that 6th shirt dyed too, so I in all probability shouldn’t actually rely it in the overall.

In addition to the provides within the package (pictured above), you will also want rubbish bags to cover your work surface and ziplock baggage to retailer your shirts in while the dye sets up. You will also want one thing to dye, in fact.

Step 2: Fold your shirt

I’m going to start off exhibiting you easy methods to do a spiral sample as a result of that’s probably the most dramatic and fun sample to make.

First, lay your shirt out flat. Your shirt ought to be washed to remove any sizing if it’s model new. It ought to even be a little disney shirts ebay damp if you fold it and add the dyes.

Subsequent, pinch the shirt somewhere in the middle and begin twisting the fabric round. Keep twisting until the entire shirt has been twisted right into a disk. As you go, make little adjustments here and there so you’ve a lot of folds and pleats within the fabric. This exposes more fabric to the dyes and will make for a extra fascinating pattern.

You must find yourself with a flat, twisty disc, like the one above. It ought to look kind of like a hurricane.

Subsequent, fastidiously wrap rubber bands across the shirt. Put the rubber bands on so they intersect over the center of the disc (or the “eye of the hurricane”). It is best to use not less than three bands, which is able to divide the disc up into 6 segments. I used six bands on this one as a result of this was an adult sized shirt and it felt just a little floppy with only three.

If you’re doing different shirts, you should fold and tie these up now too.

Step 3: Dye your shirt

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Prepare you’re employed floor by putting garbage baggage down. You possibly can do this inside, but it’s messy sufficient that if you’re doing this with kids, it’s best to just plan on doing it exterior. Don’t work proper on the ground though because your shirt will get soiled and mess up all your hard work.

As soon as your workspace is prepared, put on your gloves and prep your dyes. The dyes in my equipment had been already in squirt bottles and all I needed to do was add water and shake them. I found that it labored greatest to fill them about half approach, shake till the dye powder was dissolved and then add the rest of the water and shake a bit extra.

Subsequent, start squirting the dyes on the shirt. That is the enjoyable part! To make the the spiral sample, you must squirt the wedges between the rubber bands.You may see what I mean by looking at the images. Squirt each sides of the disc and open the folds of the shirt here and there to verify the dye is attending to the fabric in the course of the shirt too. If there’s no dye in the center, squirt a bit in.

It’s Okay if the dye crosses the lines a bit of and mixes — that will make your shirt more attention-grabbing. Understand that should you mix some colors together — say orange and green — they will end in a muddy brown shade. You’ll have better luck mixing analogous colours (ones which can be next to each other within the rainbow). Since I used primary colors for the dyes I didn’t have to worry about that.

Step 4: Let the dye sit

As soon as your shirts are all dyed, put them in plastic baggage to let the dyes set. You need them to stay damp, so sealing them in ziplock baggage works nicely. The package I had said to depart them 6-eight hours, however I left them overnight and located that that made the colors much brighter.

Step 5: Rinse your shirt and untie it

After the dyes have set up over evening (or for six-eight hours), rinse the shirt until the water runs clear.

Then, it’s time for the massive reveal! Pull the rubber bands off your shirt and shake it out to see your design.

Ooooooooh! Fairly!

Now, wash it in the washing machine. I highly recommend that you just keep away from putting your basic white button down shirt in with it. You would possibly even go so far as to only wash your tie-dye shirt with different tie-dye shirts on this first round. After that, use your finest judgment and take pleasure in looking like a hippie!