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The Hunters Of Today, Are They Really Hunter Or just Animal Killers?

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the birds dancing from tree to tree,

the Deer as they seek for fresh young shoots to eat,

Men's  Custom PUFFERS Short Sleeve  Tops Teesan other residents of the wild woods.

Preparing for the Hunt
The previous Country highway, once not often utilized by anybody,

is now stained by chunks of farmland mud,

from the Younger Hunter’s truck tires,

The young mens eyes are open and shiny

as they eagerly search for signs of Deer, even perhaps a Buck,

to kill or to major.

Its regardless of to them,

it’s all part of the game.

Dressed up, like an actual hunter, they suppose,

all camouflage and shiny orange stripes,

shiny new guns and imported waterproof boots,

Orange hats top off each hunters expensive attire.

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For ’tis the Season to pretend.

To pretend that they are filling the larder,

like their forefathers earlier than them.

To pretend they are providing the family’s Meat,

with their fast meals cheeseburgers nonetheless in their full bellies.

Carrying their fancy, costly clothes;

insulated from the cold and brightly coloured for safety

from their fellow Vacation Hunters.

Laden with shiny guns, with straps and holsters,

fancy ammunition and powerful scopes;

all designed to guarantee the Kill!

Finally, they depart their heat trucks,

and walk to their prepared stands,

all arrange with an open view,

of the big Salt Lick that they had positioned there weeks before.

Those stupid Deer certain do like their Salt.

On go the Battery powered cameras, placed so they can watch every path,

and be prepared for when the nice Buck approaches and takes his bitter taste of dying.

So, they drop the camouflage mesh, unfold the portable chair, open the thermos of Espresso,

and don the headset with microphone connected,

The younger hunters settle in for an extended days hunt (sic), totally prepared for the big kill.

High Tech Deer Hunter
The Deer die of an overdose of technology.
All of a sudden, a tone comes from the monitor,

motion has been detected, by the diligent battery powered digicam,

The younger hunter seems to be, and;

Oh, My! A Buck and a Doe are walking, right on your tasty, Salty deal with.

With shaking hands, you arm your rifle,

and hastily converse into your headset microphone to your fellow hunters from the town.

All of them are armed and able to share in the expertise of the kill.

The cautious Doe goes first, stepping delicately, from the edge of the woods,

to taste this lucky treat whereas the Buck stands back;

Head up and proud, Antlers turning within the air,

eyes scanning the horizon, searching for any suspicious sound or motion,

tense and ready to bolt at any sign of danger.

The Buck is all primary intuition, ready to protect his mate at the first sign of hazard.

And so he waits whereas the Doe takes her fill.

Finally, enjoyable ever so barely,

the Buck moves into the open himself, for his personal cautious style.


Loud noises in the Bucks ears instantly make him leap,

However there are pains in his chest and he falls to the ground.

The Bucks coronary heart has exploded from the metal projectiles that have pierced it.

However, though the brave Buck is definitely dead,

his body manages to instinctively rise and takes two brave leaps,

for the security of the woods before his mind stops,

like his coronary heart had already performed only moments earlier than.

The poor Doe?

Stuffed with worry, she bolts on the unusual noise and reaches the safety of the woods.

But as soon as there, she stops and turns, trying to find her mate.

With this pause,

the Younger Hunters have time to reload and take another shot.

Two bullets,

that is all it took, to ladies shirt collar finish the defenseless Does life.

They each lie there, solely a dozen toes or so apart,

their vivid red blood staining the soggy winter leaves,

the heat slowly draining from their useless bodies.

The Younger Hunters confidently take their time to examine the bodies.

Slapping one another on the again, they crow over their kill,

touting their hunting abilities and their shooting accuracy,

to one another as they dance and prance

around the chilly our bodies on the bottom.

Out come their costly looking knives,

and the remaining Blood is drained from the stiffening bodies,

the steaming organs are eliminated and the gutted carcass’

are thrown onto their fold-up wheeled carts.

Then, its again to the truck, seize some rope,

and the our bodies of the mighty Buck and his mate,

are tied over the truck hood.

Similar to seen in the movies.

The Previous Hunters from Yesteryear watch
Their Bloody trophies,

have to be checked and the meat should be cleaned and frozen,

for feasting at a winter’s social gathering, someday later this year.

As they walked back across the sphere,

cocky in their manliness and celebrating their victory,

if they’d just turned back for a moment, just a second,

and seemed very arduous they might need seen,

the two pale ghosts standing on the wood’s edge.

These are the ghosts of two old hunters from yesteryear,

Simply poor dirt farmers,dressed in light and patched work clothes,

with their sweat-stained brimmed hats on their heads,

worn work boots on their toes,

their chilly soiled fingers jutting from patched cotton gloves,

and outdated worn shotguns hanging within the crook of their arms.

Skinny, wiry men, who worked arduous each day,

who hunted for meals, for his or her families because they needed to.

These previous hunters, of the past, never hunted for the fun of it.

So they simply shook their heads and stared, for a moment,

at these strange people, and their unnecessary killing

of another dwelling factor,

put here for other purposes.

Deer Kill Video
My Rights and Your Rights
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© 2011 Don Bobbitt

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sendingAuthorDon Bobbitt 5 years in the past from Ruskin Florida

Thanks for the comments, one and all!

seatlemilehigh1- You higher add slightly Beef Fats to the meat or these Deer Tacos are going to be awfully Dry!LOL!

Leptirela- I am glad you loved my Hub, and thanks for the UP.

All, I’m back in the hills of Virginia, visiting household and my inspiration was the modern day hunters, operating up and down the nation roads.

Leptirela 5 years ago from I do not know half the time

hahaha oh pricey NOW Kids!

Hey love your hub thanks for sharing 🙂

I like the first one finest…the nice Hunt?! brief and sweet although you probably did do the job thoroughly in the second piece hahah 🙂

VOTE UP Wonderful AND Interesting… Consider it or not , not many individuals know much about deer

so thanks for sharing! Slightly useful element in there

seattleamilehigh1 5 years in the past from Seattle, Washington

gotta love deer tacos, some of my favorite. i agree with you, searching as we speak is sort of comical. be sure that you don’t hit the bug dummy in camo!!!

Thanks for the read, voted up!!

AuthorDon Bobbitt 5 years in the past from Ruskin Florida

Hear! Hear! Gypsy! BTW, I do know the place you will get some nice venison burgers, ON SALE!

Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years in the past from Riga, Latvia

I demand justice for the deer!

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