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Youth Group Collective Blog-Finest And Worst Youth Group Names

Hey, this is obviously just one guy’s opinion. If you have got another opinion, we’d love to hear it. If you’re offended by this article – be at liberty to vent… we can handle it. Numerous tongue in cheek occurring.

Worst Youth Group Names:

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1. 7 Up (for grades, 7 and up)

Hey, that’s a soda. Additionally, you’re probably breaking the legislation.

2. SNL (Saturday Night time Stay)

The college I went to had a evening known as FNL. Friday Night Live. It was a comedy night and although I never went, I heard it was good. I thought FNL was acceptable. You understood that it was a comedy evening and that it was on Friday. But SNL as a youth group identify appears confusing and again, possibly unlawful.

Three. Xplosion

I see what you did there. You and 40% of youth groups who suppose misspelling one thing is “what the teenagers are into lately.” All of us know how a lot teenagers prefer to play with sticks of dynamite. Kids are always calling in bomb threats to our local college… that is the perfect name!

4. UFC (Final Faith Challenge)

Google UFC and you will find a plethora of pictures and movies of individuals beating the tar out of one another. The very last thing you’ll consider is the best Commandment. Do not be upset if a teen involves your assembly anticipating an area Struggle Membership and ends up decking you. You’re practically asking for it.

5. Power and Light Company

Hey, who will get excited when they hear the phrases, “Utility Firm”? Probably everyone. Also, a bit of bit nostalgic if Monopoly was a big part of your childhood.

6. Christ Addicts

First one’s free. There’s most likely one teen in each youth group that looks like a Christ Addict. You in all probability don’t need to call a youth group primarily based on one teen.

7. XLR8

Accelerate. What’s the slogan there? We go fast. We’re growing in pace. What is the connection to being a Christian youth group? Okay, so I wrote the description before I found the graphic. It’s actually a pretty candy logo.

8. Kaos (Krazy and in any other case saved)

You spelled Kaos improper. You spelled Krazy unsuitable. Unless you’re a fan of Mortal Kombat. Also, “otherwise saved”? Other than being krazy, we’re additionally saved. These two issues are disconnected. We just occur to be krazy. That’s what “otherwise” implies.

9. 420 Youth Ministries

We’re high on Jesus. There’s in all probability some passage linked to this like Acts 4:20. However the actual fact of the matter is, 420 is a widely identified marijuana-related term.

10. Bible Behemoths

“Dictionnaire Infernal – Behemoth” by E. Plon – eight. Licensed beneath Public Area via Wikimedia Commons –

Here is one thing nobody at your local highschool understands. Behemoths. We’re huge monstrous creatures that enjoy scripture. Come be a part of Men’s Desgin Thing Short Sleeve T Shirts us!

11. Earth Tourists

You sound loopy. Or… very into touring.

12. Losers


11. Pulse

I feel the tag line is, “We’re barely alive.”

12. TACO

I do not care what it stands for. We all know what a taco is and we’re unsure why they’re such an enormous a part of your imaginative and prescient.

Greatest Youth Group Names

1. The Tribe

I enjoy youth group names that focus on describing the group of individuals. When you’re part of “XLR8” it does not sound like the person is necessary. When you’re a part of The Tribe you realize that your presence is valued. There’s possession involved. I also like the actual fact you could simply design the youth room, your documents, your graphics, etc to all match your title. I’ve even heard of a youth group that calls their Youth Pastor “chief” as a substitute of “pastor.” It is a simple way to develop your personal tradition.

2. The Pack

Similar as the Tribe.

Three. Fuego

I do know quite a lot of youth teams are named after hearth or being on hearth or being pyros or something of the sort. But if you’re a primarily spanish youth group – I like that this time period describes part of who you are while nonetheless being identifiable to English-only speakers.

4. Fellowship of Christian Athletes

So “jocks” weren’t a race in the Lord of The Rings but I nonetheless enjoy this identify. It is descriptive (although somewhat too severe and previous sounding) however students know what it is all about. The perfect half is, it’s recognizable sufficient that “FCA-Mount Nice” is well understood as a Fellowship of Christian Athletes group that meets at Mount Pleasant High school.

5. The Adventure

I do not know if this is an actual youth group name. But I like it. Especially when i picture a gaggle of scholars on a youth journey all wearing the same shirt. It is clear they’re on an journey someplace. And like all nice adventures, there’s obstacles to be overcome and the going is equal components fun and equal elements robust. Most significantly, we’re going someplace collectively and the vacation spot is value whatever comes our manner. Holy goodness.

6. Young Life

From Young Life’s FB.

The names extremely recognizable and that i’ve heard that branding analysis reveals that the Young Life’s brand has great associations and is received quite favorably. Additionally, they have some sweet hand gestures.

7. The Effectively students/

It is a spot for the spiritually thirsty. It’s also a spot where you’ll be able to come and thirst no extra. It is a spot for sinners to take a seat and communicate with Jesus. It’s a spot where transformation happens. This youth group title has great biblical meaning when we consider the experience of the lady at the properly. It is also gender impartial, short, upbeat, and doesn’t set the expectation that every single evening goes to be a rave social gathering.

Eight. The Foundry

“The place lives are formed.” “Made for Extra.” It is a robust and mature title with out being overly hyped. The theme comes quite naturally and one can simply see how this youth room would look. It is industrial. It is heat. It is just a little on the darkish aspect. It is edgy. I’m down with it.

9. King’s Manner

I like the thought of a youth group with a crown within the logo. It’s going to look something like a record label and i enjoy that. I also love the truth that God is the King of kings and the Lord of lords and it is superior to know that we serve Him. The way in which can also be the identify early Christians gave to their religion. I believe that’s personalized fleece blankets fairly baller too!

10. Limitless

Christ has come in order that you’ll have life and have it to the total. Additionally, the same power that raised Christ from the dead is at work inside of us. What is not possible with man is possible with God. Only via God will your potential be realized.