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More Digital Printing At Drupa

Well the news is out. The massive information will not be surprisingly that the brand new HP Indigo 10000 press is announced. It is a full B2 format press with a 29 inch print width and a running pace of 57 sheets/min in 4-shade simplex mode. That makes it quicker than the Fuji and Display B2 presses. It additionally has the usual HP Indigo seven color capability and a spread of inline finishing. Naturally it prints each simplex and duplex. One new feature that can also be out there on other HP Indigo presses is EPM. This a brand new three-shade mode that HP Indigo states gives good coloration that’s as good as opponents 4 coloration printing (nicely they’d say that wouldn’t they). This increases the velocity by 25%. One does not know the way a lot further CMY ink is used as there is no black. I will see the quality of this later immediately and might then comment on this.

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Along with the HP Indigo 10000 there can also be the HP Indigo 20000 for labels and flexible packaging and the HP Indigo 30000 for folding carton work.

The brand new presses have yet to go into beta testers and this could occur quickly. I have spoken to one of the beta testers and he sees that the press will take work of his Heidelberg Speedmaster 74 platforms relatively than producing main new business.