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MLB Baseball Steroid Checklist Leaks Out!

Wow, I was just listening to sports discuss and people were speaking about ought to the list be given to the general public or not and now the record is out.Two gamers on our present roster that have to clarify themselves are:Blake tee shirt printing uxbridge and Jason Schmidt.

Men's  Custom Bull Skull with Engraved Floral Decoration Short Sleeve  Tops TeesOne other fascinating thing is that nearly the whole Chicago rotation in 2003 is on it and half of their gamers of their lineup is within the record. Plainly LA shouldn’t be the one team with a steroid epidemic in their clubhouse.

This record is supposedly the complete checklist of the 103 players who tested positive for banned substances back in 2003. It’s being totally debunked by the Sons of Ivy.

Whoever made this up (assuming it’s pretend) clearly hates the Cubs. Out of the 103, listed below are the present and former Cubs on the checklist:

  1. Nomar Garciaparra
  2. Manny Ramirez
  3. Johnny Damon
  4. Trot Nixon
  5. David Ortiz
  6. Shea Hillenbrand
  7. Derek Lowe
  8. Pedro Martinez
  9. Brian Roberts

10.Jay Gibbons